Flashback to 2008-- the housing market is saturated with short sales & foreclosed homes. Home values are depreciating left & right and there are extremely low barriers to entry. The overhaul of foreclosed homes on the market made for tough competition among Sellers. Fast-forward to 2015-- we're out of the woods. America has bounced back from the Recession & the housing bubble has popped, leaving us in a sudsy market of New Construction & competitively priced homes. Foreclosed homes are not nearly as common as they were in 2008, giving Sellers the confidence to put their homes up for sale. The current state of the housing market is beneficial for both Buyers and Sellers. Sellers can now competitively price their home while Buyers now have more modern, customized living choices from the rise of new construction. Take a look at the info-graphic below to see why people are seeking out new construction. Newly constructed, well-planned communities are our specialty.