Ever wonder what it's like to live in Spence Crossing at Princess Anne?
Recently, we sat down with some of the liveliest residents of Spence Crossing to get the inside scoop on their Spence experience. The conclusion? Spence Crossing is more than just a community, it's a neighborhood. From the very first residents of Spence Crossing, The Smalleys', to the newest homeowners of Fernhill, The Metz', to the cheerful  Crofton homeowner, Chris, we had an absolute blast. Mya (pictured top left) made a cameo appearance on the set and shared her affection for the walking trails and the spacious patios. The neighbors shared their stories of how they learned of Spence Crossing and walked us thru the process. Each homeowner highlighted what they value most about the communities; the amenities, downstairs Master Suites and the close proximity to all things Virginia Beach were a few reasons  the neighbors shared. The Testimonial Video Shoot is now in production. Stay tuned for the complete videos!