Cleaning Up House

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  • 10.14.2014

Cleaning Up House

Author: Dragas Team

Want to keep your house looking like a Dragas Model Home?

Everyone loves to reap the benefits of a clean home- no dishes in the sink, no dust on the ceiling fans, ring-free tubs, crumb-free counter, etc... BUT most of us don't love the idea of setting aside the time to make our home worthy of the white-glove test.

Keeping in mind that every chore is not as pressing as others, divide your household chores up into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks.  When it comes time for the monthly and seasonal chores be sure to make a "cleaning playlist" beforehand. Listening to your favorite tunes while cleaning up makes the tasks more enjoyable. You can also enlist the help of friends & family members to knock out the seasonal duties faster. Looking for more housekeeping tips? Follow The Dragas Companies on Pinterest.