Members of the Microwave and Baby Boomer Generation alike are looking to get in to a comfortable, spacious condo that’s free of the strings associated with single-family homes.
"Broadly speaking, we are beginning to see people liking more closer-in developments. The baby boomers who are looking to trade down, they are looking for condominiums. Many of the younger people, if they can qualify to buy, they are looking into the condominium style of living, compared to single family with backyards."  –Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist of National Association of Realtors
We are seeking to fulfill your desire for new condominium communities and apartments with the development of King’s Pointe at Princess Anne, Spence Crossing Apartments, and Spence Crossing at Princess Anne. Diana Olick of CNBC explained the trend in a recent MSN Real Estate article:
Multifamily housing starts (five housing units or more), which include both condominiums and rentals, rose 43 percent in April from March and were up 70 percent from a year ago. Developers, well aware of the housing recovery, continue to believe that rental demand and demand for condominiums will be strong for the foreseeable future.
Demanding to know more? Here you go: