Dragas Maintenance Monday

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  • 10.27.2014

Dragas Maintenance Monday

Author: Dragas Team

Life Hacks for your Garbage Disposal Maintaining your garbage disposal is crucial to the life & longevity of the machine. The chief way to maintain your garbage disposal is by being careful of what you drop down that abyss. Hard chicken bones, starches, egg shells, and fibrous foods (like celery) should be tossed in the garbage can. Such items can damage the Garbage Disposal blades or at the very least diminish its performance. To keep your disposal functioning at its best be sure to drop a few ice cubes down there biweekly to wipe off debris that is stuck in the ridges of the blades. And if you're looking to freshen it up a bit, a few orange peels should do the trick!

*Pumpkin Pulp*

If you're planning on carving a pumpkin this season, please refrain from putting the "pumpkin pulp" into the garbage disposal. It will harden on the blades & clog your drain. Each year Roto-Rooter reports hundreds of claims of destroyed garbage disposals, at the hands of a Jack-o-Lantern. Happy Harvest Season!