Hey Renters! What's Keeping You From Owning?

June 10, 2015

The Survey of Consumer Expectations administered by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, set out to see just how close Renters are to purchasing a home of their own by gauging their responses to the 2015 Housing Survey . An echoed sentiment from participants was that homeownership is a great option but it seems out of reach due to excessively high down payments and credit hurdles. Before even starting the mortgage process some Renters count themselves out due to misunderstandings about the mortgage process! A common misconception is that they'll need to put down 15 to 20% on their home. Though this is true in some cases,  there are numerous  grants, loans and federal programs available to assist  with those costs or completely offset them altogether. Couple that with the affordability of new Dragas Communities and  you can probably own for less than you're paying in rent! King's Pointe at Western Branch  & Hadley Park at Greenbrier in Chesapeake and Spence Crossing at Princess Anne in Virginia Beach are newly constructed Dragas communities boasting convenience and relaxation. These new Dragas neighborhoods give you the living space and amenities that you've been searching for in an a home of your own.

Conclusion? Ditch your landlord. Be the ruler over your own space.
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