Holiday Decor Made Easy

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  • 12.04.2014

Holiday Decor Made Easy

Author: Dragas Team

Holiday Canvases

Holiday decorating doesn't have to be monotonous! There are countless fun & creative ways to add a little holiday spice to your home-- no matter the size! Start by thinking of  your run-of-the-mill household items as holiday canvases. Now, think of quirky, out-of-the-box ways to make those holiday canvases festive! You'd be surprised how festive the interior of your home can look.

Decorate Dining Room Chairs

Let your dining room chairs join in the holiday fun. Tie painted pinecones to wide ribbons and drape them over the back of your chairs. Match the ribbon color to your home decor for a look that's all your own. The white paint on the pine cones gives off a wintry vibe that will remind houseguest of this cozy time of year. You can jazz up the pine cones by painting them in hues of blue, red, or green-- keeping in mind that a little paint goes a long way! Learn more neat tips from the decor experts at Better Homes & Gardens.