Think Fast! What's the #1 Request this Holiday Season?

It's not a Zoomer Pet, an iPhone 6 Plus, or even a curved 78" TV that's topping out Wish Lists this season. Instead, it's a more intrinsic request of a spacious home that will suit the needs of a growing family or close-knit roommates. As the economy & the housing market continue to improve those chart-topping items will turn into tangible realities. The  infographic below displays the growing trend of home sales increasing dramatically in every price range <100,000+. As lending requirements get less & less strict and interest rates hold at low percentages, homeownerhsip has become much more feasible. Spence Crossing at Princess Anne, King's Pointe at Western Branch, & Hadley Park at Greenbrier could not be coming on line at a better time. The conditions of the market & the availability of our brand new neighborhoods culminate to make The Perfect Holiday gift for you & the ones who mean the most. Bottom Line? No matter the style of home you're looking for, you can find it in a Dragas Community. From apartment to single-family home (& numerous styles in between) you can rest assured that we can grant at least one of the wishes on your List this year.