What are some of the benefits to owning a home and why do so many view it as a good financial decision? Well--  there's increased equity, tax breaks and more stability in expenses to name a few. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Market Experience Survey noted the desire to put down roots in one place, a stable job, and lifestyle considerations as other factors that play into the decision to invest in a home & live out the American Dream. The Dragas Companies' belief in The American Dream of homeownership transcends several decades and still rings true in the new, affordable communities we're building today. Whether you're currently a renter looking to move-up or a large single-family home owner, looking to move-down-- we have the house for you. Spence Crossing at Princess Anne, King's Pointe at Western Branch and Hadley Park at Greenbrier boast a unique variety of housing styles from garden-style flats found at King's Pointe to the first-floor Master Suites of Crofton at Spence Crossing & Hadley Park at Greenbrier, to the sprawling detached homes of Halstead at Spence Crossin; we have the home to fit your life style. Head over to dragas.com to find your ideal floor plan.