DIY Landscaping for Your Condo

Learn how to make a free vertical garden for your new Dragas home.

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  • 10.07.2014

DIY Landscaping for Your Condo

Author: Dragas Team

Who said that living in a condo meant you can't have an eye-catching garden?

Just bought a condo? Learn how to make a vertical garden in your new Dragas home.

Materials needed:

•    2-liter plastic bottle, empty and clean

•    Scissors

•    Clothesline rope, twine, or wire

•    Washers (two per bottle if rope or wire is chosen)

•    Dirt

•    Seedlings (herbs, vegetables, or other plants are all OK)


To secure the bottles, you must make two holes at the bottom of the cylinder and two at the top of the bottle. 

In addition to the holes to pass the rope, you need a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. The water used to irrigate the seedling needs to drain. After that, thread the string through a hole and pull out through the other. Note: Many people have asked how to make sure the bottles do not “slip” on the rope (or string or cordage). Either tie a large knot in the rope or tie the knot around a washer. Then simply stretch and attach the rope to the wall.  

To learn more, visit: "The Dirt: Uniting the Built & Natural Environments."