Millennial vs. Baby Boomer Decor Style

March 1, 2018

Researchers typically define the Millennial generation as being anyone born between 1981 and the late 90s, or ages 18 to 37. The bulk of this generation has graduated college, while the youngest portion of this group are just entering college. Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, is currently aged 54 to 72. Now retiring in large numbers or prepping for pending retirement, Baby Boomers are preparing for their lives beyond the 9-5. While there are many differences between the two generations, there are also many similarities, with Millennials often earning the name ‘Echo Boomers’ thanks to similarities in their desire to live in convenient live, work, play environments, the fact that large numbers of the generations are without children – they either haven’t had them yet, or their children are grown, depending on the generation – and they enjoy many of the same activities, like travel and outdoor fitness. However, there are many differences between the generations, including design style. As both groups move into the homebuying market in large numbers, either to buy their first home or to downsize, it’s obvious that various design styles and preferences are unique to each group.

Millennial Décor Style

The newest pop-culture fads are always hard to track. With music, TV shows, clothes and technology, the Millennial generation moves at light speed when bouncing from trend to trend. Affordability and convenience seem to be the two leading factors when style is involved. However, in large numbers, Millennials seem to be obsessed with minimal, modern, mid-century design, a style that gives clean lines and a love for different materials. First homes for Millennials are often townhomes or condos in urban locations, meaning their design has to be incorporated into smaller spaces. But this group also wants comfortable yet stylish livable design. This makes a minimalist, modern style like mid-century modern the perfect fit. This minimalist design commonly relies on wooden construction but can also include fiberglass or metal, and showcases sleek, retro shapes and patterns. Typically consisting of very clean lines with organic curves, the style also includes uses of metal, glass and even Lucite. Colors ranged from neutral to bold, including strong uses of black and white. While patterns are minimal, if there is a pattern involved, identifying it is critical when picking the right rug and decor.

Baby Boomer Décor Style

The Baby Boomers most often identify with refined rustic as their preferred style of décor. This design scheme blends classic forms with a more informal rustic style, meaning this generation wants a more comfortable feel for their home. Rustic does not mean country; instead, it implies cozy and inviting. Baby Boomers know not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion.

Rustic décor typically blends informal décor with classic pieces. The feel is considerably more traditional, and Baby Boomers homes are generally larger, allowing for larger or heavier pieces of furniture. Think whitewashed brick, exposed wooden beams, farmhouse sinks and natural wood dining tables. Our communities and new homes in Hampton Roads cater to all generations and decor preferences. Our homes offer style and comfort, while giving you the opportunity to decorate every room to fit your individual style. We even have the perfect plans for multigenerational families, often consisting of both Baby Boomers and Millennials! 

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