Move Over Jack-o-Lantern, There's a New Pumpkin in Town!

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  • 10.29.2014

Move Over Jack-o-Lantern, There's a New Pumpkin in Town!

Author: Dragas Team

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October marks the start of Autumn & Harvest Time. Take a drive around the community and you'll be greeted by spooky grins, charming smiles & hollowed eyes of plump, orange pumpkins.

We searched high & low for our favorite Pumpkin Character Designs. and narrowed them down to these 12.  These pumpkins don't require carving; they're all fun & easy DIY projects for the entire family. You'll only need paint, accessories, & a little bit of creativity. Decorated pumpkins are a great addition to apartment & condo patios and entryways! Do you live in a Dragas community? Send us photos of your festive pumpkins & we'll post them on our page!

For more tips on family projects, housewarming gifts, DIY interior design , & even landscaping tips for your patio or small garden, head over to The Dragas Companies Pinterest Board. Happy Pinning!

[caption id="attachment_5674" align="aligncenter" width="442" caption="Source:"][/caption] Check out these pumpkins done by our Designer, Katie!