Multigenerational Living: Redefining Normal

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  • 01.22.2015

Multigenerational Living: Redefining Normal

Author: Dragas Team

We get it.

There's a new normal when it comes to living arrangements. Gone are the days of the "typical" American household. Stats from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reveal a growing trend in America: multigenerational households. Nowadays, many households are a mix of a  head-of-household, child, parent, and/or grandchild. These unique needs are changing the way we build homes. We've expanded our unique value proposition by constructing homes with downstairs Masters, upstairs laundry, open kitchens, and walkable communities framed by pocket parks & numerous amenities. We get it. Multigenerational families are in the market for a home that will accommodate all parties involved not just the HOH. Spence Crossing at Princess Anne is our way of saying "We Get It". We know that a standard home doesn't fit every family. Spence Crossing will feature 4 very different product types modern & luxury villas, single-family homes, and 3-story townhomes. With countless options, upgrades, elevations, and bathroom/bedroom counts Spence is sure to have the home you and your entire family have been searching for. Give Spence Crossing a call to see which neighborhood is best for you! (757) 673-6347!