ONE-LEVEL LIVING of King's Pointe Flats

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  • 07.22.2014

ONE-LEVEL LIVING of King's Pointe Flats

Author: Dragas Team

DOWNSTAIRS for breakfast, UPSTAIRS to get dressed, DOWNSTAIRS to throw clothes in the Washer, UPSTAIRS to put away clothes from the Dryer, back DOWNSTAIRS to hop in the car and start running your Saturday errands...Whew! We all love exercise, but has the "Upstairs-Downstairs Workout" taken its toll on you? It's time for you to experience the convenience of one-level-living at the King's Pointe Flats at Western Branch. In King's Pointe Flats, everything you need is on one level-- Kitchen. Bedrooms. Laundry Room. Everything.


Models Open Daily 11a-6p Sunday 12p-6p

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