Packing 101: To Keep or Not To Keep

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  • 09.04.2014

Packing 101: To Keep or Not To Keep

Author: Dragas Team

So you've made the decision to move into a Dragas community. Now as you begin the packing process you'll probably ask yourself a dozen times, "To Keep or Not To Keep?". We've all found ourselves in this bizarre head-space where we try to silence our inner "Pack Rat" and instead tap into the organized, sensible being that will let go of 10 year old movie tickets and random odds & ends. A recent GoodHousekeeping article featured expert advice from three Professional Organizers-- Barbara Reich, Jodie Watson, and Geralin Thomas -- who put together a packing survival guide of sorts, that is sure to make packing easy. Essentially, the nuts and bolts of it all is, anything with sentimental value, legal ties, or of necessity should be toted to your next home. Check out the article on Which 5 would you choose?

We chose our TOP 5 Keepers from the list:

Family heirlooms


Important paperwork

Decorative and sentimental items that bring back precious memories

Emergency supplies

We pride ourselves on helping families experience The American Dream through affordable housing. After the walls and beams go up we leave it to you to turn the infrastructure into a home filled with heirlooms, photos, and decor.