Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Fall

Check out these fun tips for putting a grown-up spin on your pumpkin decorating this fall! We've got great tips for embellishing pumpkins of all size!

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  • 10.20.2016

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Fall

Author: Katie

Something I love doing every fall is decorating pumpkins, or embellishing them if you will. Pumpkins are the perfect canvas for some glittery fun! Materials you will need: -assorted pumpkins or gourds -spray paint {I prefer gold and black} -glue {Elmer’s school glue is perfect} -a small paint brush -glitter {extra fine, found at Walmart or Michael’s} -newspaper or craft paper -circular stickers {for polka dots}
  1. I prefer to do this at a table outside; it’s much easier to clean up because glitter goes everywhere and spray painting should only be done outside. To begin, put down a few sheets of newspaper or craft paper to prepare the work area.
  1. Next, determine which pumpkins are getting spray painted, because they will need dry time. If you want polka dot pumpkins, apply the circular stickers first, then spray paint them and peel off the stickers when the pumpkin is completely dry. Spray paint one to two thin coats covering the entire pumpkin; don’t worry about painting the bottom of the pumpkins, because you’ll never see them.
  1. To glitter pumpkins, apply a thin coat of glue with a small paint brush exactly where you would like the glitter to adhere. Sprinkle on the glitter until the area is well covered and shake off any excess. This technique also works well on pinecones. To get glittery polka dots, one of my favorite elements, put a thin coat of glue on each dot with your paint brush after the pumpkin has been spray painted and the stickers have been peeled off. Then, add the glitter while the glue is still wet.
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