Spence Crossing at Princess Anne: A Resort Called Home

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  • 02.19.2015

Spence Crossing at Princess Anne: A Resort Called Home

Author: Dragas Team


Winter snow has turned the hub of Spence Crossing at Princess Anne into what appears to be a picturesque ski lodge. The stone fireplace & snow-capped roof resemble a cabin in a Massanutten brochure. This coming Winter you can be drinking hot chocolate from the Spence Coffee Bar, while snuggled up by the fire watching your favorite movie-- inside of this snapshot. Now, as cozy & welcoming as that sounds, if you're anything like us  you're thinking much warmer thoughts. Chilly, single-digit temps have us all longing for sun rays & Ray Bans. Come August, the Spence Crossing Community Center will be transformed into a Recreational Haven. With a 24-hour fitness center, resort-style pool, & super roomy lounge with TV & bar counters, entertaining & lounging will be a breeze. A warm, balmy breeze. Outside, the basketball court, pocket parks and interconnected walking trails will tie the 4 Spence Crossing communities together. Jogging, biking, & even the Tot Lot will add to the resort-level living of Spence Crossing at Princess Anne. Which amenity are you looking forward to the most? Let us know below!