The Next Big Thing to Hit Spence Crossing

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  • 11.17.2014

The Next Big Thing to Hit Spence Crossing

Author: Dragas Team

Spence Fever is still running high.

Spence Crossing at Princess Anne is the new "it" community of Virginia Beach. In August we announced the start of Crofton Presales & frenzy ensued-- calls, visits, & emails poured in. Now with the first Crofton Villas standing tall near the Spence Community Center it only seems right to stir up the pot again.

This week we will formally announce the next community to be built in Spence Crossing.Will it be the 3-story Townhomes of Mallory, the Modern Villas of Fernhill, OR the Single-Family Homes of Halstead? Which community do you think is coming next?

Comment below with your guess & stay tuned for the Official Announcement!