The Secret to a Successful Open House

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  • 11.26.2014

The Secret to a Successful Open House

Author: Dragas Team

What do Thanksgiving & your next Open House have in common?

Aromas. Studies show that prospective buyers are attracted to & can see themselves living in homes that have welcoming, pleasant smells. The smell of freshly baked goods, natural oils & citrus put your prospective buyers in a relaxed mood. Calming scents give your home a 'cozy' feel, & allow your house guests to picture themselves living there. U.S. News & World Report detailed the 7 Scents That Boost The Value of Your Home . The article hit on some unusual practices like hiding cotton balls that have been dipped in essential oils like lavender or grapefruit- the hidden cotton balls can easily be tucked in every room & unseen nooks & crannies. Boiling orange peels, cloves, & cinnamon about an hour before the start of your Open House are another good way to get a welcoming scent wafting through your hallways. This is especially good during the colder winter months. Getting foot traffic from Prospective Buyers in your current home is the first step towards moving into a new Dragas community. The same sense of warmth & coziness you're giving to your Prospects, you will find in every Dragas Community. The pocket parks, playgrounds, pools, private patios, and community centers found at various Dragas neighborhoods all lend themselves to the true definition of "home".