The Time to Sell is Now

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  • 09.24.2014

The Time to Sell is Now

Author: Dragas Team

Buyers are out there, waiting for you to put your house on the market.

An echoed sentiment made by many potential Sellers is that they want to move but don't think anyone is looking to buy their house. Actually, quite the opposite is true. The Demand is Strong in the market. Currently there is a large amount of foot traffic of buyers who have the mind and means to purchase a home. There is a pent-up desire for a new place to call home. Buyers are in the market actively looking for homes to be put up for sale. They're aware that now that the housing market has improved their chances for finding a home are greater. As your family-size, income, and lifestyles grow and fluctuate you may be looking to move out of your current house and move-up to a more spacious and comfortable home. The conditions for you to make that move could not be any better with  mortgage rates holding at a low rate and with Developers implementing the production of  single-family homes and luxury condos. Bottom Line? Put your house on the market. This is a favorable time for you. Don't let apprehension and doubt keep you from owning the home you want and deserve. We pride ourselves on Affordable Excellence, that is The Dragas Way.