New Year Resolutions give us a renewed sense of control over life & hope for a healthy, prosperous 365 days. The dawn of a new year often makes us feel like we can change our unwanted nuances & replace them with good habits for a better lifestyle. If you're like most, somewhere on your list of Resolutions is a point about "decluttering" or "better housekeeping". The trick to keeping your house looking like a Dragas Model Home is to recognize your home's functional space-- and use it. Good Houskeeping put together a list of 25 Cleaning & Organization Tips to help kick 2015 off the right way. So stand with us & resolve to adopt atleast 1 of these nifty cleaning & organization tips. We've selected 3 of our favorite, quirky LifeHacks-- In a few weeks Hadley Park at Greenbrier's model homes will open their doors to the public. When you tour these luxury villas be sure to check out the spacious, upstairs storage room that's set up as a Craft Room-- prime example of how to efficiently use multi-functional space.