Trying to Dodge Rising Interest Rates?

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  • 09.22.2014

Trying to Dodge Rising Interest Rates?

Author: Dragas Team

Currently interest rates are in the low 4%. Experts from various fields all contend that these rates are sure to rise in 2015. Below are the interest rate predictions for next year:

Predictions for 2015 3Q:

§ 4.6% - Fannie Mae

§ 4.8% - Freddie Mac

§ 5.2% - Mortgage Bankers Association

§ 5.2% - National Association of Realtors

Whether Fannie Mae or the NAR is more accurate in their prediction is yet to be determined, but even a small fraction of an increase will have a significant effect on your payments. We've streamlined the homebuying process to make buying a home easier and convenient. From our sales agents to our mortgage company to our conversations with you on social media, we are here to ease any nervousness & hesitation you may have about this next step. No need to drag your feet, choose your Dragas Community today!