What's So Great About a Condo Anyway?

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  • 09.03.2014

What's So Great About a Condo Anyway?

Author: Dragas Team

We're glad you asked.

A condominium is a private community of detached or attached homes in which individual owners reside, and own an equal portion of the property and amenities. The grounds and homes are maintained by the Condominium Association; alleviating the "burden" of having to mow your own lawn, or repair exterior damages from a severe storm. The Dragas condos bring resort-like amenities to your doorstep with complementary pools, fitness centers, and playgrounds. Our newest community Spence Crossing will even have a basketball court! Yes, we build and maintain a private Rec Center solely for you and your neighbors. Each of our condominium communities features a Clubhouse that can be used for fun family events throughout the year! Our newest communities Hadley Park at Greenbrier, King's Pointe at Western Branch, and Spence Crossing at Princess Anne feature spacious, hassle-free condo living. Take the first step toward homeownership by checking out our different condominium activities today!