Homeownership is often said to be the epitome of the American Dream. But let's take a second and personalize that. Why do you want to own a home? What benefits are you looking for that can only be found in homeownership? Some people cite the peace of mind from a locked monthly rate others say it's the ability to build equity & get tax incentives. Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies revealed the results of a study asking a similar question What reasons do Americans feel are most important in regards to homeownership? Surprisingly, the top answers were more intrinsic and didn't relate to financial benefits.
#1 Great place for kids to live while getting an education. #2 Security that comes along with having a place to call home. #3 Space. Space. Space. For your growing family or even growing hobby. #4 More control and freedom over your living space. Painted walls and interior designs. Any of those reasons mirror your thoughts & ownership desires? It may be time for you to check out a Dragas Community. Hadley Park at GreenbrierKing's Pointe at Western Branch and Spence Crossing at Princess Anne are located in great school districts. The variation in product types offer different levels of space to best suit your needs.