Homeownership, is the epitome of the American Dream, yet so many get anxiety at the very thought of owning a home of their own. Rent often seems like a more viable option because it can be seen as less intimidating & some would even say less committal.  But that's just the thing, your home is a commitment, an investment that promises returns for years to come. There's a certain level of certainty and peace of mind knowing that you're paying into your own equity (not a landlord's) and that once you lock-in your rate you can predict what your mortgage payments will be for the next 30 years-- gone will be the days of guessing what your rent rate will jump to. You just may be surprised how affordable owning actually is! You can own for as much as you're probably paying in rent! With Special July Offers and Incentives coming to a close Friday, now is the time to choose which Dragas Community is best for your lifestyle.