Realtor Partnerships

Our selling agent partners are the key to our success—and aside from saving you the exhaustion of another bidding war, we offer a 2% commission on the base sales price at most of our communities!...AND WE HAVE INVENTORY!


Tapping into the new-homes market could be a fast way to increase your bottom line. Many agents may not be aware that new homes communities have move-in ready homes available. Do you show new construction homes to your clients? Do you know the different neighborhoods that builders are working in your market? If not, you could be limiting your number of listings and ultimately leaving money on the table! There are a few misconceptions about selling new construction – overcome those and you’ll likely gain a  competitive advantage in your market.



Bottom line, we have similar goals— providing buyers with homes that meet their individual needs – it is practically a match made in heaven. We realize and respect the fact that real estate agents are a large source of sales for our communities which is why we offer commissions up to 2% on most of our communities, which will ultimately boost your revenue. Our models are open all week long with no appointments needed. Make time to stop by one of our home sites, see our homes, take a model tour and get to know our agents and the community. Ask questions about the building process so you can be educated on how it works – our agents will be more than happy to explain the ins and outs. Having knowledge of the new construction homes in your market will only increase the number of options you can present to your clients.



The truth is, more agents than ever before are bringing their clients into new home sales sites and for good reason: the never-been-touched attraction (hello COVID!), the quality of construction, prime locations, the onset of new energy-efficient materials, community amenities, multiple floor plan options, and numerous warranties. We have furnished models that you and your clients can tour virtually or in person, so they can see the layout of the home, examples of floor and countertop options, and also get great décor ideas for their future home. We also offer closing cost assistance as well, which is a benefit that clients are not currently receiving in the resale world.



Often you have clients that are looking to move in the near future – and when you do, don’t count new construction out. There is a misconception that a new construction home can take upwards of a year to complete and while that can be true, that is often not the case. We are continually adding new inventory in your market, creating opportunities for you to increase your volume and your profitability. At most of our communities, we have running inventory with move-ins from 30-90 days – practically move-in ready!


Don’t leave listings on the table – stop by one of our VA Beach or Chesapeake sites, tour our models and strike up a conversation with our site agents (they're licensed Realtors) – I promise you’ll have more in common than you may think!




“We have seen a huge increase in our co-broke business at our Hickory Manor site in Chesapeake. Many agents are coming in exhausted and frustrated with the resale marketing and are beyond excited to learn that new home communities have inventory to offer their buyers.

-Lori Cutrell - Dragas New Homes Agent