Homeowner Services

Condo and Homeowner Association Advantages

Owning your own home is wonderful, and also a responsibility. When you choose to live in a condominium community, there are condo or homeowner association (HOA) fees that lighten some of that responsibility, as certain maintenance and management duties are handled collectively, typically for a monthly fee.

Here’s what is covered in our communities:

  • Landscaping and front lawn maintenance for homes
  • Maintenance of community amenities and common areas
  • Master insurance policy for common areas
  • Reserve fund for common element replacement
  • Trash removal
  • In some cases, monthly water and sewer costs

In addition, condo/HOA fees provide homeowners exclusive use of community amenities, such as:

  • Private community center for resident enjoyment
  • Resort-style pool with cabana and outdoor kitchen with grilling stations
  • Children’s playground
  • 24/7 community fitness center
  • Community lakes and walking paths
  • Welcoming community entrances
  • Professional landscape design, and plan for continual care of grounds

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Dragas Warranty

New homeowners can count on our warranty department to quickly and conveniently handle your requests. We’ll also help you easily determine what’s under warranty in your new home, and for how long.  

As a new home owner, you’ll have a scheduled orientation meeting and inspection where you will receive a complete “Homeowners Warranty Agreement” covering all responsibilities in detail. In your first year, we offer both a 30 day and 11 month warranty visit to address any non-emergency service requests.



To schedule your 30 day and 11 month visit, submit an online request with your list of items using the Warranty Request form below or email Warranty@dragas.com.  All requests for service must be submitted in writing.

If you have any additional questions, or need help, please call our Warranty department at

Warranty Department: 757-965-4345 (Monday -Friday, 9am to 5pm)

Afterhours Emergency Line: 757-453-4644 (After 5pm and on weekends)

Additional Warranties

In addition to our builder warranty, your home is also protected by the Quality Builders Warranty Program (QBW), a premiere ten year new home warranty program backed by Liberty Mutual.

Here’s a brief overview of the Quality Builders Warranty program:

The First Year: The builder warrants the home against specified defects in workmanship and materials that are the result of non-conformity with QBW’s warranty standards, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty. Cosmetic items must be reported to the Builder at the Homeowner Orientation, otherwise these cosmetic issue will not be addressed.

The Second Year: The builder warrants the home against specified defects in the wiring, piping and duct work, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.

The Third through Tenth Year: Should any major structural defect (as defined by the warranty) occur during this period, QBW will replace, repair or pay the reasonable cost of the repair or replacement, through its insurer.

Throughout the 10-year period, the warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent buyers, protecting the builder as well as the homeowner.

Accessing information regarding your Quality Builders Warranty prior to submitting your warranty request form is easy:

  1. Select “My Coverage” link below.
  2. Enter your property address.
  3. Select a  category from the dropdown menu that best describes your warranty item.

Trade Partner Information

We know you will be happy in your new home, but we also realize that homes occasionally need service. So, for your convenience and the quickest response to your needs, we are listing the trade partners to call.

There will be no service charge for warranty items, but you will be responsible for any charges involved for a non-warranty service call (i.e. tripped circuit breaker, burnt out light bulbs, clogged air filter, owner-caused plumbing obstruction, structure wiring, etc.). Please follow up with our Warranty Department by sending an email to Warranty@dragas.com so we may follow up with our trade partner after your emergency repair request.

For emergency situations that cannot be handled by a supplier or utility service, call the Dragas Companies Warranty Department at 757-965-4345. Non-emergency service requests must be submitted in writing and cannot be accepted over the phone.

Electric Emergency Repairs (House Wiring): 
Crofton East and Heritage: Electrical Connections - (757) 487-4287
Guilford & Hawkins Mill: Hall Electric - (757) 376-3776
Manor: H&P Electric - (757) 424-9160
Woodlands: Resource Contracting - (757) 337-2585

Plumbing System & Garbage Disposal Emergency Repairs:
Crofton East, Guilford & Woodlands: DaviShar - (757) 420-9352 x1
Hawkins Mill, Heritage and Manor: Central Plumbing - (757) 424-3761

Heating and Cooling Emergency Repairs:
Crofton East and Manor: Indoor Air - (757) 543-3551
Guilford & Hawkins Mill: Smith and Keene - 757-420-1921
Woodlands - Comfort Systems - (757) 558-6007

Appliance Emergency Repairs:
Crofton East, Hawkins Mill, and Manor: General Electric - 1-800-432-2737
Guilford: Frigidaire Appliances - (800) 374-4432
Woodlands: E.A Holsten - (800) 374-4432